Engine Starting System

Mechanical Spring Starter

Spring starters are manually wound by hand and do not require any electrical supply to initiate starting function. It replaces

Lifeboat Hydraulic Starting System

. Hydraulic cranking system is commonly used on life boat&nbsp, and operate on the principle of pressure oil turning a

Pow-R-Quik Air Starter

Pow-R-Quik (PRQ) air starters manufcatured by Maradyne offers Turbine Starters, Vane Starters and hydraulic systems components. PRQ air starters will

Gali Air Starter

Gali Air Starting System The GALI air starting system are intended for use on diesel engines and gas turbines that

Hydraulic Starting System

Pow-R-Quik range of hydraulic starting system is self-contain and meet the requirement of black start compliance. This form of starting

ATEX Certified ExnR Starter & 12VDC Battery

Standard electric starter of 12 or 24vdc using standard SAE mounting flange or Japanese flange configuration can be engineered and