Western Tydens Spark Arrestor

Key features:

  • Highly efficient centrifugal design
  • Range includes models tested and approved to ATEX EN1834
  • Manufactured in stainless steel or a lower cost stainless steel/carbon steel combination
  • Wide product range to suit 1 – 599 KW (1 – 750 HP) diesel engines
  • End pipes compatible with standard exhaust pipe sizes/clamps
  • Models for temporary or permanent installations
  • Robust, non-blocking and maintenance free
  • Supplied with certification where applicable.


Diesel engine spark arrestors are designed specifically to reduce the risk of fire caused by the emission of sparks from the engine exhaust. All diesels, including “clean” engines, create sparks due to the high particulate content of the exhaust gas as a result of the combustion process. These particles can carry sufficient energy to ignite surrounding flammable materials. As a result many industrial premises have a mandatory requirement for the fitting of a spark arrestor.

The Wyndham Page range of spark arrestors operate by spinning the exhaust gas at high velocity, causing any sizable particles in the exhaust stream to break up and cool. This highly effective design has been tested and proven to the latest international test standards for arresting live carbon particles.

Fitting of a type tested spark arrestor should always be considered when using a diesel engine in a hazardous environment.

Model range:

We offer two standard ranges and bespoke manufactured spark arrestors.

The auxiliary range (WT 1L — ) is a simple add on device, which is intended to be mounted to the end of the exhaust pipe for easy fitment. Ideal for smaller engines and available in sizes to suit up to a 102mm [4″] diameter exhaust and 160HP [119 KW] power range.

The secondary range (WT 2L — ) is intended for more permanent installations. Can be used to replace the silencer as gives a reasonable level of silencing. Available in sizes up to 152mm [6″] exhaust and 599 KW [750 HP] power range.

Special designs. Where standard products are not suitable, for example because of space constraints, then a bespoke design can be made to accommodate specific requirements.

Engine Safety Product Data Sheet

Wyndham Page Spark Arrestors

Wyndham Page ATEX Spark Arrestors Why Wyndham Page Spark Arrestors? All internal combustion engines emit potentially dangerous spark under normal