Wyndham Page Air Shut Off Valve

E Valves

Basic automatic overspeed shut down model. Available in sizes to suit engine ratings from 3kW[4hp] to 290kW[389hp]. Higher power ratings

E-M Valves

As per basic E valves but also include a cable operated manual shut down feature. For more detailed product specification

E03F/ E03FM Valves

Combined E valve and engine air cleaner. Available only for engine ratings in the range from 3kW[4hp] to 20kW[27hp]. E03FM

FS1 Valves

Powered to close types with manual reset to the open [run] position. A cable operated manual reset option is available

FS2 Valves

Powered to close types with automatic reset to the open [run] position after engine shut down.

FS3 Valves

Power to open [failsafe] types. Sprung loaded return to the closed [stop] position when not powered.

FS3-ATEX Valves

FS3-ATEX Valves FS3-ATEX Shutoff Valves are Solenoid Powered to Open / Spring to Close (failsafe). ATEX / IECEx certified. For