Diesel Engine Safety Device

The risks

Risks associated with operation of diesel engines in areas in which flammable gases or vapours may enter the atmosphere or where other readily combustable materials may exist.

When diesel engines operate in locations where petrochemical or other flammable gas or vapours may be present, even if normally contained, it is now accepted health and safety practice to fit diesel engine air intake shut down valves and exhaust spark arrestors as standard.

In the event of a run away engine, or where normal engine fuel shut down fails to stop the the engine due to the ingestion of flammables from the atmosphere acting as an additional fuel input, the closure of the the air intake valve ensures immediate engine shut down thereby substantially reducing the potential for a serious incident due to mechanical failure and / or the ignition of the surrounding atmosphere.

Where the hazard comprises combustible solids, possibly in the form of dust, as may exist for example in agriculture or forestry environments, an exhaust spark arrestor is a well proven means of restricting the emission of high energy sparks which have the potential of igniting such combustible materials.

Western Tydens NEW NT Range Of Spark Arrestors

Western Tydens New NT range of spark arrestors designed especially to meet the requirements of the latest generations of low

E Valves

Basic automatic overspeed shut down model. Available in sizes to suit engine ratings from 3kW[4hp] to 290kW[389hp]. Higher power ratings

E-M Valves

As per basic E valves but also include a cable operated manual shut down feature. For more detailed product specification

E03F/ E03FM Valves

Combined E valve and engine air cleaner. Available only for engine ratings in the range from 3kW[4hp] to 20kW[27hp]. E03FM

FS1 Valves

Powered to close types with manual reset to the open [run] position. A cable operated manual reset option is available

FS2 Valves

Powered to close types with automatic reset to the open [run] position after engine shut down.

FS3 Valves

Power to open [failsafe] types. Sprung loaded return to the closed [stop] position when not powered.

FS3-ATEX Valves

FS3-ATEX Valves FS3-ATEX Shutoff Valves are Solenoid Powered to Open / Spring to Close (failsafe). ATEX / IECEx certified. For

Western Tydens Spark Arrestor

Western Tydens ATEX Spark Arrestors Why Spark Arrestor? All internal combustion engines emit potentially dangerous spark under normal operating conditions.

Compact Spark Arrestors

Compact Spark Arrestors suitable for Diesel Driven Forklifts and Small Diesel Driven Machine. DS Fire Protection for Forklifts